Product and Services


CTG ensures your chilled & frozen goods are at the right temperature

Whether it is the single fridge or freezer or the large commercial unit that is essential to your business services, CTG has the qualified technicians with the right attitude to care for the long term integrity of your equipment in a timely manner. We care, we listen, we look for best performance.


CTG understands what effective climate control can achieve for Clients

Having your Staff work to their potential can be enhanced by having temperature at its optimum for the conditions. We recognise sensitive equipment is affected the same way. CTG can set and maintain temperature ranges to match your needs and have the environments support best outcomes. New installs, modifications and repairs are handled by experts at CTG. Make the call and we will be there for you.


CTG is a Safety-first service provider

Our extensive knowledge and training ensures your electrical systems and services (plus the equipment that is connected) remains safe at all times. Whether commercial, industrial or in residential environments CTG is proficient in testing, commissioning or decommissioning, servicing and repairing so you have peace of mind about safety and reliability.


CTG works with you to ensure plant and equipment operate consistently

Understanding how you want the equipment to operate is a priority for CTG as we partner with you and your Staff to match equipment, servicing, and performance within an affordable budget investment. We take the time to assess the equipment and apply technical expertise for best results.


CTG has all your Plumbing needs covered

Be it water lines, drainage, equipment connections, gas, servicing, installations or test reports – CTG has the solutions at an affordable rate. We have well-established parts and supplier sources to ensure prompt and reliable solutions. CTG understands how a leak or mismatched service can impact your services.

Building Services

CTG works with you to achieve your goals

As a qualified service provider with skilled and committed Trades Staff, CTG is ready to work with you to understand your needs, identify innovative options, implement practical solutions and follow up to ensure the result matches your expectations. The building team members and our reliable subcontractor network are available to “make your needs a reality”.